Thursday, December 1, 2016

New England Day 5- CT to NYC to Philly

When Jack was on the phone getting us tickets to Hamilton, he was speaking to a ticket agent who was close with the cast members.  They talked for quite a while about the show (because anyone he talks to feels like his best friend obviously, haha.) and he had mentioned that our hang-up was dropping our baby off with a friend outside of the city and then having to go pick her back up.  The agent told him that the broadway cast members leave their babies with some of the moms while they are doing auditions or during the matinee shows and that she was sure we would be welcome to leave Asher with the other babies while we saw the show.  He spoke to the main woman in charge of that setup (who was also super warm and kind, and is a broadway actor herself, we found her on IMDB) and she said that anyone who watches the babies goes through background checks and that they are in a building with ID access only through a front desk person.  Feeling good about the situation, we went ahead and paid for the tickets. 

We woke up in Connecticut Wednesday morning and ordered breakfast through room service and then took our trays out to the beach chairs next to the water and enjoyed our food while watching the seagulls and collecting seashells to take back to Olivia and Berlin.  We then packed up and headed to Manhattan.  I know that most people would not drive into Times Square, and we were super nervous about it just being completely nuts traffic, but we came into town mid morning and escaped any gridlock.  We had the Marriott Marquis booked for that Friday and they were so great to let us park our car there for a couple of hours while we saw the show (another big hurdle overcome- parking in downtown for less than an arm and a leg!)  We had lunch at Junior’s (Jack had a brisket sandwich between two potato pancakes, I had a burger), then scoped out Asher’s temporary digs.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of anxiety associated with leaving my kids places.  Because this was such an unknown for me, it was a big, big deal.  And many of you may think we are crazy to leave her with people we had only spoken to on the phone, but after seeing the location and situation, speaking to the minders in person, and seeing the other infants there, I honestly felt okay about it.  I may have cried on the elevator ride down, but there are some times I have to step outside of my comfort zone in order to have experiences, and travel calls for a lot of that.

We walked into the Richard Rodgers Theatre and when I saw how amazing our seats were I was just absolutely giddy.  Only a few rows back, in the middle, and on the end for more legroom.  They couldn’t be better.  We got snacks and drinks and then sat to take in the stage and the theatre.  From the time the show started until the final bows I was on the edge of my seat.  I have NEVER seen a more genius and entertaining piece of theater.  I’m biased because I’m so into the music and the history of it, but WOW.  And I’d even go so far as to say that Jack was even more into it.  Our production had a couple of the original cast members (also from the soundtrack), Peggy/Maria was the same, as was Hercules Mulligan/James Madison.  I loved our Alexander Hamilton so much (Javier Munoz), at the risk of sounding blasphemous maybe even more than Lin-Manuel Miranda?!  He was fantastic.  As was Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson (Seth Stewart).  The ensemble was also just out of this world.  With that choreography, they barely even needed a set.  Totally worth the money and I would have paid twice the amount we did.

We picked up our little bundle, gave her babysitters a large tip, (they had sent us pictures during the show of her playing and sleeping in her stroller, so cute and such peace of mind), and went to the Disney Store in Times Square before sharing a meal at Shake Shack and taking off out of the city towards Philly.  Again, traffic was on our side and we made good time to our hotel right above the Constitution Center.  It was late by the time we got settled in and put Ash to bed so Jack walked down the street and got himself a meat and potatoes kind of meal and me a big delicious salad.  We fell asleep excited for another day chock full of American history!

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