Monday, December 12, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Most years we are able to have a thanksgiving meal with both my family and Jack's, but some years the timing of one meal (usually his because they have the input of a larger family) doesn't work for us to squeeze in my family (which is smaller).  Last year was his family's "on" year to get together and they planned it for early afternoon so we only did his, and this year when they got together with extended family early afternoon on his siblings' "off" year we decided to just host my family at our house.  It was actually really fun and low stress because of how much everyone pitched in on side dishes, I had so much fun setting my own thanksgiving table, and I still love seeing what our new house is like hosting things like that.  We baked a ham, I made cauliflower au gratin, and we had about 10 pies (Jack's favorite part of thanksgiving).  I made two chocolate layer pies from scratch and we bought the rest from different places: pecan, apple, razzleberry, strawberry rhubarb, lemon merengue, and my mom made a peanut butter pie.  After the meal my family stayed and played Wink and Cranium and that night after they left Jack and I took our girls out to do some Black Friday shopping.  It was actually really fun having them with us even though the line at Target was insane.  We each took an older girl and Jack held Asher and each of our little buddies stuck to us in the crowds and helped find things they'd want.  We ate McDonalds on the way home and then Jack and I had late night pie after the girls were in bed.
On Friday we did some more shopping and went to lunch and then that night had Pam and her kids, Dan and his kids, Jenny and her kids, and Amanda over for late night games and most of them slept over.  Saturday morning we all got up and went to see the new Disney movie, Moana.  It was such a fun Thanksgiving weekend and so neat to see how each holiday is evolving as our family does.

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