Friday, December 23, 2016

Turning Thirty

I left my twenties behind last week and even though it was tough entering a new, adult-er decade, my birthday weekend was super amazing and special (thanks to Jack). :) My birthday was on Monday, but he made a whole weekend it for me.  Saturday Jack's sister came over to stay with our girls while we went to a movie (Allied, we both loved it), we picked Asher back up from her and then went up to Salt Lake to have dinner with friends at a sushi place we had never tried (Sapa), the meal was super good and Asher shoveled everything into her mouth haha. We picked up cookies from Ruby Snap, they have a sweet potato-pecan-molasses cookie that is one of the best I've ever had!  We checked into our room at the Grand America, put Ash in her pajamas, and then went downstairs to go window shopping and see the lights and fountain.  After putting her to bed in the room we snuggled in to eat our cookies and watch a movie, then took a bath in the big tub before bed.  The next morning we had an amazing breakfast at Market Street before heading home.

Sunday evening Jack called me downstairs and my entire family was there singing Happy Birthday.  He had put out a bunch of snacks and a big chocolate cake.  We ate and played board and card games until late and it was super special.

Monday was my birthday and I just wanted a super restful, relaxing day with nothing to do.  I slept in while Jack took care of the kids and got Liv off to school.  Had breakfast and then came down and opened up so many awesome, thoughtful gifts from the BEST husband.  Hamilton sheet music, a big bound Hamilton photo book, a novel, the next season of a TV show I've been watching, a super cute scarf, some chambray joggers, a $50 Target gift card, and my big gift: a new Canon t6i with bag, lenses, accessories, cards, and Adobe Lightroom.  I have been using a Nikon, but broke the body and the focus is off.  I LOVE my Nikon, but wanted something a little less bells-and-whistles for more everyday use and need to send it in to get fixed anyway.  I have had so much fun using the new Canon and it is such a great gift!  We went to lunch, went shopping, and then I sat in bed and watched my new show and played with my camera, took a long hot bath, read, relaxed.  That evening we ate an entire family sized pizza and watched Little Women.  It was an amazing weekend and I woke up Tuesday bummed it was over.  Bummed to be thirty...but grateful to be waking up to the products of my years and those who make my life so worth living and progressing through.  Thanks babe for making all my birthdays and all my years just so golden.

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