Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Olivia's Fun Run

We got notice the day before that Liv was going to be participating in a "fun run" at school (sometimes with a 5-year-old things get forgotten or lost in translation :)
I put on her running shoes and then Jack and I went to the school at 9:30 to see a whole course set up.  She had a sticker on her back, and long story short, these small kids ran THIRTY-SIX laps! They had a drink station for when they needed to rest and volunteers marked of a number on their backs for every lap until they finished.  I was thinking "no way these kindergartners can run this much!"  Our little Liv though ran the entire thing.  No walking.  She stopped three times for a quick drink and then started running again.  It was amazing.  I was emotional.  Her face was red and she was huffing, but not once did she walk. At one point the "buddy run" was announced and she quickly found a friend to hold hands with for 4 laps.  We were so glad we were there to watch and I was so proud of her.

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