Monday, May 1, 2017

Match Game

Last year Jack sent in a quick clip of himself to ABC's website to audition for their game show Match Game.  They called him back to audition in person and absolutely loved him! The casting director told him it was worth doing and entire audition in Utah and going through hundreds of people just to find Jack haha.  They flew him out to New York in November and he filmed his episode.  It aired in April and we had such a blast watching it!  He didn't tell anyone besides close family that he was going to be on, but even still we had friends and relatives texting us that night and over the next couple of days saying they saw him and how awesome he did!  He won $5,000 and honestly it was just a really cool experience for him!  His ultimate dream is to be on Survivor, so maybe this could be a stepping stone for that...? :)  Anyways, I am so proud of how cute and entertaining he was.  The panel of celebrities on the show absolutely loved him and Alec Baldwin said he was cute and charming.  I know Alec, I know.

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