Thursday, August 10, 2017


This year Jack got a killer deal on season passes to Lagoon.  We were so hesitant even then to buy them because we didn't know if we'd get much use out of them with small kids.  Honestly though, since that first time we went we've been hooked!  It is completely child-friendly and has been such a fun thing to have all summer! We don't feel the pressure to fit everything in when we go because we can go back any time, and the kiddie area is just perfect for our girls' ages (especially since Liv is a little bit of a scaredy cat on big rides), there are hardly ever lines for the smaller rides, and Lagoon has really stepped up its food options, cleanliness, and employees since Jack and I were younger.  Little Ash has especially loved being able to go on all of these rides herself or next to an older sister.  I think sometimes the ride operators are a little skeptical of putting her on some of the rides, even the ones with no height restrictions, because she's so young; but she sits right down and gets buckled, stays seated and enjoys the ride the whole time, and then waits patiently to be unstrapped when it's done.  It's the most precious thing ever.  Also, two of Jack's siblings have season passes so it has been fun to go with family when they go! We have a million pics there this summer, but here is a sampling:

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