Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mother's Day

Jack always spoils me on Mother's Day.  I honestly feel like he celebrates me every day and makes me feel so good about my calling and efforts; but even so, I really look forward to Mother's Day because of how especially special he makes it :)  I get the whole day off to relax and watch movies or read, he makes breakfast and dinner, and always gets the most thoughtful gifts.  This year I got his amazing waffles in bed and he made me a little table to go next to the couch to put my drinks and books on :)  it's super beautiful and has industrial pipe legs to match the ones he put on the kitchen table and the ones on the coffee table we made.  He also got me a cute purse and the girls showered me with homemade cards and hugs all day.  Jack made pot roast for dinner, we had his mom and her husband over to eat, and we snuggled in and watched a movie after they had gone and the kids were in bed.

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