Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fourth of July 2018

I know, I've been horrible at posting.  I've let 6 months pass by this year without doing so, which is going to make this year's journal book a heckuva lot harder come the end of the year.  BUT I'll try to do some catching up and will start where we are and then backdate.

Yesterday was Independence Day!  Every year we have breakfast at Village Inn with Jack's mom and sister (and now stepfather).  It happened to fall on free pie day so strawberry rhubarb for me, please.

Jack's Aunt and Uncle own a cabin up by Strawberry reservoir and there has been a fire raging  up there for a few days now.  Jack went up to help clear trees as an added measure to hopefully thwart any burning that could happen as the fire gets closer and closer.  Their family had already cleared out all of their personal items out of the cabin and right after he and his uncle and cousins left yesterday there was a mandatory evacuation called.  We've been praying that their cabin will avoid the fire somehow.  It was only a mile away yesterday.

Jack's brother usually had a big BBQ party at his house on the fourth, so after resting I took the chickies over there and Jack met us there when he finished (and showered).  Everyone brought their own meat and then some sides to share.  I brought a creamy red, white, and blue, fruit salad.  The food was amazing and all of the adults sat around and chatted while the kids played on a water bounce house, in the hot tub, and on their playground.  At dusk the men shot off parachutes for the kids to chase down the golf course green on the other side of the backyard fence, and then at dark they set off the big guns while everyone watched.  At home our girls collapsed in bed with ratty, tangled hair from swimming, and happy hearts. What a wonderful day to celebrate the freedoms that I am more and more grateful for every year, and especially those who secured them for us and continue to do so.

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