our love story.

Jack and I met on Myspace.  He used to hate when people asked how we met, but now is more good-natured about telling people that.  Maybe because I think it is so funny.  This was in March of 2007, before Facebook had taken over as the social network powerhouse and Myspace was still cool.  I was living in my hometown of Hurricane and attending Dixie State,  and Jack was living in California selling alarm systems.  He liked a girl from back home in Orem whom he communicated with often through Myspace.  One day Jack decided it would do a lot for his online image if this girl could see that he was "friends" with some good-looking chicas.  I was one of those chicas. 

    We messaged back and forth online and then he gave me his number.  I remember the first time I called him.  I was on my way to my waitressing job up by Zion National Park and was just getting on the freeway in St. George.  I loved the sound of his voice.  I had been dating someone else for a long time but things had been going downhill for a while, and I was drawn to Jack like no one I'd ever met.  It was great timing.  We started talking every day and texting nonstop.  He was so easy to talk to and made me laugh harder than anyone I'd ever met.  I though he was so witty and smart!  In June we both drove half way and met in Vegas (okay so he drove farther, but where were we going to meet, Barstow?  C'mon) and went on our first date.  We also had our first kiss, and I tricked him into holding my hand while crossing a busy street (which was a big deal to him apparently, holding hands.) 

    When Jack moved back home that fall I had decided to live with my mom in Provo and go to UVU for a semester.  I had planned on dating around and having some fun, but just couldn't tear myself away from the guy.  Every night when I was done with school and he was home from work in Salt Lake, he would pick me up and we would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning going out or cooking or laying in his bed watching Lost.  I have no idea how I didn't fail my classes that semester or how Jack didn't fall asleep at his desk every day.

   We dated for a couple years and had a LOT of ups and downs, including us both moving to St George, then me not being ready for the next step, and a summer apart while he lived in New York.  They were a tough three years, and we spent two of them long-distance, but I wouldn't do anything over because we went through soooo much together and got to see every side of the other person, for good and for bad.  He helped me through some extremely difficult things and was my rock.

One day in June 2009 everything clicked for me.  I was sitting in the car, watching Jack buy a grape snow cone, and I just KNEW that he was The One for me.  I didn't experience some crazy bolt of lightening, just the feeling that I would like to spend my every day with him, forever.  A week later, I was on the swings at the park and he was sitting in the wood chips nearby.  He half-jokingly asked me to marry him (which was a regular occurrence) and I said yes.  Then told him I was serious.  Simple as that.  Every day since then has been the best of my life.

We were married in the Draper LDS temple in Jan 2010, and spent a year traveling the world.  In May 2011 our little spitfire, Olivia Kimber,  was born, and in June 2013 our calm little Oakley Berlin joined us.  We couldn't be more excited to share our life with them or more happy with the cards we've been dealt.

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